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Caring and Fucking

So very gently he undid her shirt buttons and pushed it of her naked shoulders, exposing her very young, touching 21 curvy solid meat breasts decorated with the most perfect and erect nipples. The force of his bright black eyes was making Bev to tremble as he licked her lips and bent down to take her nipple in his mouth once again, licking and sucking them both one by one. Beverly simply could not undergo much more and her pussy got cajoling and erupting with a lot of force and energy. She moaned very quietly and also squeezed her legs together to hide a very big wet spot on her very shrill and thin fabric pants. Roaming of his large male hands on her silky youthful body was making her cunt convulse and twitch again and again and his mouth and lips on her areola and nipples were making her spin and spiral towards the sky like a fire cracker lit on 4th of July. Zoey had always been very lucky for attracting a young pussy, to be taken by his 45-46 years old, the sexiest and the most filling cock helped by a pair of always full balls.

Today, Zoey was really not feeling like going out to the bar but his cock was doing a lots of push ups’ and demanding some fuck hole. For no good reason, Zoey was in a mood to fuck an ass today and he was contemplating to go to the adult theater. He knew, it was not difficult to get a nice fuck-worthy ass there, plus for the price of buying a lube tube, a bottle of poppers and a condom from the little outlet in the theater, the theater could provide a safe haven to fuck the faggot there or he could ask and bring the guy home with him for the all night fucking. 

He suddenly remembered, it was Wednesday, The all-male theater owner Mr. George Kyriakakis; was usually in on Wednesdays. Zoey was not a close friend of George but they had said hello couple of times as George knew Zoey to be a loyal customer for many years. Once Zoey asked and George let him fuck a bottom boy in his own office with a lot of safety and security. Maybe, George would again do him the favor today, Zoey thought. It was bright sunshine day outside at around 5:30 PM on a warm ‘May’ afternoon. His cock was showing a lot of stubbornness and inflexibility by now being erect and bouncing up and down to make up his mind quick. It usually took Zoey at least half an hour bus ride to get to the theater. He decided to go. 

He was not double minded at all, so crossing in front of the bar, he usually frequented was no big deal. As he gave a passing look inside the bar, he thought it was a bit over lit and the music was also a bit louder than usual. This was no time for the bar to be crowded but it looked that there were a big number of clients inside. Intrigued, Zoey thought to look in. He was fully prepared not to stay if he saw some of his groupies inside. He walked in the bar. It seemed there was a private party going on inside. There were at least 5 or 6 girls dancing in the middle of the room. Zoey wanted to see what was going on. He asked the friendly barman Erich to find out that the group of graduating nurses from the Nurse Training School in the town were celebrating their commencement and they had booked the bar hall for couple hours of fun time.

"Oh, I am sorry. If I knew, I shall not be here". Zoey quickly turned to leave the establishment.

"Hey, don’t be crazy. You are my personal friend, who came to see me especially at this hour". The barman Erich said and before Zoey could utter a word, he had put a tall glass of Zoey’s favorite Vodka in the orange juice in front of him. "This is on the house, for my friend". Erich raised a glass with only the orange juice in it. 

It could really help, Zoey thought to himself as he reminded himself to leave the bar as quick as he possibly could. He had hardly taken a seat on the stool at the bar, when he was wrapped with the most delicious smell of some premium perfume emanating from a young woman standing close by. 

"Hi Bev! You are in luck". Said Erich to the girl. "You are looking at the star of this bar, I was talking to you about". Zoey knew, Erich was only saying this to her but he smiled modestly and kept quiet to listen some more and he was amazed when Erich told her that Zoey was the man of this bar. "All the girls and women wanted to go with him for the full night, if he agreed". Zoey felt giddy. A very beautiful young chick was standing, no more than 2 feet away. Her fresh body aroma and the scent of her perfume was dulling his mind.

"I do not know, if I am that lucky that he would take me with him for the whole night". Beverly gave a very bright smile to the barman Erich as she fell for Zoey.

"Do not look at me, ask him". Charmed the barman as he smiled back to Beverly and Zoey both.

"O’ my dear, the pleasure would be mine to have you in my bed with me for the whole night". Zoey could not recall, what happened next but only to remember that he was at home with Beverly and they were doing all sexy foreplay as soon as he entered his house. He had made Beverly semi naked, touching, kissing, cajoling, sucking and licking her very young body. He pushed her back and kissed her youthful belly as close to the waistband of her pants. Gently sitting and balancing him on his feet, he took off her pants, sniffed its wet crotch before tossing it to the floor.

"Oh my Lord! Baby you are totally drenched already". He said. 

"Daddy, I cannot help it", Beverly answered and Zoey did not even listen that she called him Daddy. Her fingers were combing his silky grey hair on his head as he bent down to lick and taste her pussy. His lips and mouth inched lower into her cunt while he made her spread the legs open. He sucked the swollen pussy flaps into his mouth and ran his tongue on the center slit. As Zoey’s tongue curled inside her creamy, buttery pussy walls, she got hit with another orgasm helped by his tongue to extract more of her fresh sexy fluids. Now Zoey also moaned with her as he slurped, kissed and licked her cunt cream and draped his body over her asking her to remove his pants. Realizing that Beverly had ejaculated twice already, Zoey could not stop himself from asking her if she was a virgin. Beverly confessed that she was not virgin but she was not fucked for well over a year.

Hearing this made Zoey’s voice go husky as he tried to hold himself from Cumming right then and there. He controlled and thought of slow, deep fucking Beverly for a very long time. Beverly looked at the size of Daddy’s cock and gasped. Daddy’s cock was hanging like the pendulum of a grandfather cock but it was hard, phat and silky strands of pre cum were emerging on its tip. Beverly could not contain herself and leaned to work her lips around the cock tip and letting her tongue lick the helmet edges and get into the leaky slit. Zoey’s total body shook and he tried to push her away a little but he was no match for a young girl. She asked Daddy to lay back and let her do the work to take the edge off his body. Under her expert care his body kept sinking into the mattress as she kept biting his manly nipples repeatedly. She kind of persuaded him as she asked him, if he enjoyed her sucking his nipple?

"Oh definitely yes, baby girl". Zoey’s voice was very weak. Beverly quickly climbed over him, adjusting his sexy cock between her soft thighs and began stroking it while arching her upper body to reach and continue sucking his nipples. Zoey moaned, his hands pulled her to him as his cock surged upwards between her thighs. She continued sucking and licking his nips, until he started quivering and quavering. Knowing that he was ready, she mischievously took his cock in her hand and asked, whose cock was that?

"It is yours, my sweet baby girl". Zoey moaned. 

"I am taking it in my pussy". She announced, reached back gripping his hands, pulled her ass buns apart and sank on the steel rod and in a very girly voice, she whispered, "Fuck me daddy".

With that, she sat upright on his pillar and started bobbing up and down. Zoey’s face was glooming with pure passion and lust. With each rise and fall on his meat column, Zoey’s eyes fluttered, while he held her breasts to play, squeeze and caress them, pinching her nipples, filling her cunt with his most fresh and natural vitamins and vitamins. Once again, he shivered against Beverly’s body and then calm prevailed in their bodies. After a while, he was moving again to start a quivering inside her cunt feeling his flesh moving inside her. Beverly was feeling his caring in every inch of her body. Staying impaled on his cock, she tossed and now Zoey was on top totally nailed in her. She wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him in her deep to his balls. "Oh my baby girl". He cried feeling her cunt muscles grab his tower. With that, Beverly’s pussy answered his call by creaming and coating his cock as Zoey jammed in her.

They both groaned deeply, making his cock explode once again in her pussy with any remaining juices in the pipes. Beverly’s pussy walls were painted with thick semen. His arms cuddled her while they kissed and touched each other.

They fucked once more and then Zoey took her ass, on her demand before Zoey tucked her lovingly to rest till morning for another fuck and fuck and fuck session. "I love you daddy". Zoey heard her say. 



The End. Kindly send comments. AWC  April 26, 2021.